‘Boring’ doesn’t lie in our dictionary

“I am convinced that boredom is one of the greatest tortures. If I were to imagine Hell, it would be the place where you were continually bored.” – Erich Fromm

Boredom kills. And when you are bored, time seems to stop. There is no running away. And then we create a drama, a good one, or indulge into shenanigans, just to keep ourselves in the game. Phew….this is slaughter.
Is there a cure? Well yes. And that is a craving to learn more and do something new that breaks our daily boring routine.


Turning the tables:

We at WebReinvent are highly vigilant to make sure that none of us gets to swallow the pill of “boredom”. And to achieve that, we always inculcate new activities, competitions, and new exciting tasks in our schedule, so everyone can work like a charm.

Today, we have “Cuisine Championship” at WebReinvent where everyone is going to show their cooking skills, impress the Jury and claim their reward. Presentations will be made and it will surely be a hardcore contest. Time to buckle up!!

Breaking the habit, are we?

Apart from the competitions, we make sure that the work assigned to the employees is the one which they can enjoy and which surges their passion.

Normal is boring, as they say. We fully agree with this statement. Challenges are what keep us going and we all yearn for them. Every task given to the employees is somewhat demanding and challenging.
Challenges lead to experimentation and experimentation leads to innovation. And invention is what we hold prowess in.

Ever seen a flying fish? Ummm….nope….in dreams maybe.
Expecting an employee having a flair in web design to do sales, will only result in exhausting the employee overtime and declining his/her productivity.

The work assigned is given after taking into consideration employee’s skills, his/her passion and never-ending urge to learn.


Management or a better word – friends. They are always in the front to hear everyone’s problems. A boss will always judge you no matter what. But, here at WebReinvent, our boss is always watchful that he is being treated more as a friend.

Our management shares jokes with employees and there is always a fun environment maintained at every time. Well, Yayyyyy!!

Would you believe that Delhi Metro is a perfect place to hear cribbing about one’s job and their bosses?? Definitely Yes!!
We often hear them saying – “My boss is not a boss, but a dictator”, “Duh! And again we go to same hell” & “If I do not see these many clients today, then I am surely trashed.”…and the list goes on. We at WebReinivent find them hilarious.
And then you see us – always finding a way to go to our office – a place of jollification and to grow..

To add, our Team leaders know for sure on how to make an otherwise tedious looking work very easy and full of enjoyment.

Gifted bunch they are!!

What makes us the best in the market? – it is not the expertise in everything we do but, the power of innovation we have developed over time with all the support and the challenges we faced as a team, toppled over with hard work, fun and a desire to learn more and more.

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