Pushing Hard From Good to Great: Try FIT

Five years back, we started with a small web development company. During the inception of this company, there was only a single employee pushing through the crowd to be distinct. Slowly, the team grew and today, it has emerged as a huge family.

Every business has its own ups and downs, and we had witnessed a fair share of downfall on our part. While we were facing troubles, we thought of finding a solution. Before that, we had to answer a few questions like: Are we lacking out on something? How do we improve our performance? It took us some time to figure it out, but we found out some solid ways to improve.

We have clients all over the world and we are the best in our business. With the cutting edge technology and modern software, we deliver our work on time. But just having the right devices is never enough for success. Without a sincere and dedicated team, we could not have achieved all that we have today. We worked out a way by thinking to the brim of our knowledge to find out the ultimate solution- FIT. Its a combination of three elements i.e., Fun at Work, Incentives and Trips.


Fun at Work:
MNCs, today, are following the American work culture in India. One of our team members is an ex employee of an MNC. He recounted that they had a floor for games and entertainment stuff. The floor had a state of the art gym, snooker table, carrom board table etc. He also added that nobody had the time and energy to go there and work out. It sounds all good and merry to listen to their facilities, but only a few employees actually use them. We too had planned of doing something similar but with a quirky twist. Our workplace is characterized with more of a fun element. Confused, right? We are each others best friends, coffee being the bestest!

Man has endless desires. For instance, we always want an extra scoop of ice-cream even if we are full. We have applied the same formula to extract a little more from our team members. As the company grew, we gave a few more reasons for our folks to strive. The trick helped us in fetching many new projects.

There are a lot of companies who send their employees to business trips abroad. By this they extract the work, and the trip works out as a perk for the employee. But it doesn’t make any difference because onshore or offshore, they have to work ultimately. So, we choose to hit the roads with the visions of just a fun-filled vacation in mind, leaving behind our laptops on the office couches. We believe that it’s an excellent opportunity for our designers and developers, to mingle with each other and produce results. Other than that they get an opportunity to visit new places. Recently, we went on a gala trip to Mussoorie. Take a peak..


Well, to be frank, we were really reluctant to try these methods (Fun at Work, Incentives, Trips). Each experiment has its own costs and we were ready to face the consequences. But, given to our unconventional work ethics and disbelief in monarchy, our team decided unanimously to work on these tactics. Eventually, it paid off really well and now you can see the level of our work. Ultimately, we see ourselves upgrading from good to a great web development company.

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