That First Heartbreak

“All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from
easy.” – Scott Alexander

Betrayal hurts. We were hurt and cheated and our beliefs, wounded. We believed in the happy-go-lucky world. We believed that the world out there was as innocent and honest as us. But our beliefs were shattered as we witnessed a reality check. We learned, learned a lot. It’s been a long time and we’ve come a long way since. The heartbreak made us stronger.

Does it already feel like a teenager’s heartbreak story? Well, we’re no teenagers. But, we definitely were heartbroken.

One fine day, we received a mail from the CEO of India’s leading online platform for higher education who was looking forward to getting a wordpress based website developed for his business on an urgent basis. The name is for sure a reputed one in the online education business. After a formal introduction with our CEO, he asked for a mockup of the website so as to be sure of our ability to work on his website. We sent him a well constructed wireframe along with a detailed instruction of the concepts of the website. We enquired whether he wanted any changes in the wireframe and the final approval so that we could send wireframes for rest of the pages. He asked for a few changes in the wireframe which he was impressed with later. He was fine with the final proposal but asked for some time to evaluate. The response that we received from him two days later was a complete shocker. He wanted us to work on just the wireframe of his site which is the essence of any website. He claimed of having an in-house team of developers who would work on the further stages- design, HTML and development. But the reality held a different story. He had no in-house team and the plan that the clever soul had in mind was to hire the services of a cheaper web agency for further stages.

Hence, the time and energy invested by our team over a span of 12 days was a complete waste. We did not agree to his request of working on just the wireframe. From the very beginning, our team had worked with utmost dedication and gave their 100% considering the reputation the company held. Our CEO had himself worked on the wireframes for delivering the best. Such unprofessionalism on part of a well-renowned company was what disturbed us the most. To top it all, he even used the element of our wireframe on his live site which he however, removed later.

Edukart Design Final_1

Professionalism and work ethics are the defining factors for the success of any business. Integrity holds the prime position in the work ethics pallette. The roguish behavior on the client’s part changed our beliefs forever. Once we got through the denial stage, it was time for us to start afresh with a new thought and better understanding. We had learned that it is not a crystal clear world and it is bound to give you many bumps and bruises. So, it was time to pick ourselves up and face bigger challenges that awaited us.

And the ranting ends here!

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