The Era of CopyCat Kingdom…Beware!

“Do not repeat after me words that you do not understand. Do not merely put on a mask of my ideas, for it will be an illusion and you will thereby deceive yourself” &nbsp – Jiddu Krishnamurti

When philosophers like Jiddu Krishnamurti utter these pearls of wisdom, little do they know that all this knowledge would be eventually bundled up in some web page which itself might be an imitation of some other web page.

Seriously! It’s been more than four years since we have set foot in the trade and the imitations that have followed ever since…errr…kind of make us feel proud. But that- also makes us mad….. Extremely mad!

You should look at the faces of our designers and writers when we break the news to them! Bloodcurdling!

Moments before, they would be sitting at their desks, lost in computer screens like a mannequin with fixed eyeballs and weird robotic hands, punching the keyboard every now and then… Ummm… Something like this:


Moments later… When the news has entered their ears, traveled through nerves and registered itself in their brains, the transformation that happens, surprisingly, looks quite inhumane. For a moment, most of the onlookers do get convinced that we have, for sure, evolved from apes:


But we cannot blame them for this ugly transformation you see, because of the following reasons:

1. They make for superb post-burst-out blackmail photos and bitching discussions

2. They are the ones who get hurt the most. All their laborious efforts to come up with original
content/ design seem to go up in smoke and they feel cheated.

But it’s not just about them or us; it’s also about YOU. As a consumer, you are being cheated as well. Being shown the dreams of the original and exclusive Dolce & Gabbana, while what you get is a cheap, obnoxious rip-off:

Dolce & Banana

These agencies which promise to deliver their clients the most innovative, out of the box and original services are themselves a bunch of knock-offs. We are sure half the web is full of them. Our own list grows every time we sit down to run a reality check. In fact, in many cases, they don’t even bother to change our name and contact details! Recklessly dumb as well.

The way these companies react when we give them ultimatum can make for another blog post. It’s sometimes annoying and sometimes funny. In one particular instance, when we found out that the design and content of our site has been copied, we rang up the copy cats and the conversation that followed was this:

WebReinvent (WR): Hello, we are speaking from WebReinvent. We just noticed that you have copied WebReinvent’s design and content for your website.

Copy Cat (CC): Hello……….(pause)……….Who is this?

WR: I am calling from WebReinvent. You have copied our design and content. We would like you to take your site down this very instant.

CC: (pause)………. But why?

WR: Because your website is a copy of ours. This is our first and last warning. Take it down or we will be forced to take actions against you.

CC: (In a shocked tone) But how? This must be a coincidence. We haven’t copied anybody!

WR: No ma’am. It’s a copy. You haven’t even changed our address and contact details while you were copying. Please check.

CC: Oh! I am sorry. We were not aware of that. We will get back to you after examining the matter. Thanks.

Phone disconnected…

Phone calls like these sometimes make us think if it is us who are stupid. That either our understanding of copying design and content is so narrow that we do not understand the very simple fact that replicating a design in the same, exact way is just called taking inspiration


Their understanding of taking inspiration is so wide that it includes each and everything! Even if it means imitating blindly… recklessly… mindlessly…

We still remember the day we started. Kind of clueless, rookie with a website design that if we look back at, still gives us nightmares. But, we NEVER copied. We learnt from our disasters and achievements, embarrassments and proud moments. And that’s how we evolved.

Copying, we believe, is the end of the road. And we don’t want to die so young!

But, now, we have had ENOUGH of it. Initially, we just used to send them notices. But now, we plan to reward them for their remarkable dares. We intend to feature them on our website and give them a scoop of free publicity. Fortunately (or unfortunately), our SEO is so strong that this post can be the top result for their website search.

May god bless them and keep their inspiring ideas flowing…

  • Sumit

    just have a look on the D&B image you copied from Calling others copy cats.

  • K. Khan

    Where is the list?

  • Abraham

    Have you found any website which has copied you?

    • Pradeep Kumar

      Many, we dedicated an entire category

  • Christian A

    ah yes, useless filler content

    • Pradeep Kumar

      Oh really, look for copycat category, filled with company who copied content of our old site.

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