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AdonisJs – Heavily inspired by Laravel. Explore power of Laravel on NodeJS

AdonisJs is a true MVC Framework for Node.js. It encompasses all the uninteresting parts of web programming and offers you a beautiful & clean API to work with.

In the present world, AdonisJs targets on the important features of creating stable & scalable web applications.

With having inspired by Php framework called Laravel, AdonisJs takes the perceptions of dependency injection & service providers to write simple & nice code which is proven to its core.

There is scarcely any other NodeJs framework which empowers you to write project-specific terminal commands with such ease as AdonisJs.

With out-of-box support for describing fluent routes, creating express-style routes to CRUD resources is right on fingertips with AdonisJs.

Some of the interesting features of AdonisJs

  • Lucid ORM (Efficient Implementation of Active Record)
  • Database Migrations
  • Authentication
  • Data Validator
  • Mailing System
  • Support for emitting and listening to application-wide events.
  • Easy file uploads
  • Robust middleware layer to interact with incoming HTTP requests
  • Friendly community

Key features which AdonisJs has similar to Laravel

– IOC (Inversion of Control) and Dependency Injection (DI)
– Routing
– Model Factories and Database Seeding
– Scaffolding
– Query Builder
– Artisan like command utility called ACE
– Directory Structure

Why should one use AdonisJs?

API consistency

Given to its smooth & consistent API, after working for a while on AdonisJs, one can easily figure out the method names, expected output etc.

Swiftness & productivity

AdonisJs comes with a variety of 1st party components called as providers. Scripting entire web server can be done in the least of time. It comes with firm support for Mailing, Authentication, SQL ORM, Data validation, and sanitization, etc.


AdonisJs ORM ( Lucid ) is an application of Active Record. Now avail the shiny data models and forget about your traditional SQL queries.


Inbuilt authentication layer enveloped with Sessions, JSON web tokens, Basic Auth and Personal API tokens keeps the applications secure.

Other core features of Adonis.Js

  • Powerful Object-relational mapping to make secure SQL queries
  • API & Session based Authentication System
  • Effortless way to deliver emails through SMTP or Web Service (Mailgun etc.)
  • Validate & Sanitise every user’s inputs
  • Strong emphasis on security
  • Extendable application layout

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