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Highly scalable real-time push notification solution. Now push new data to your clients instantly using Pusher.

Pusher – a simple hosted API to swiftly, effortlessly and securely integrating real-time bi-directional functionalities to web & mobile applications with the help of Websockets. Pusher helps with creating real-time features for web & mobile applications.

Pusher provides a wide range of libraries which one can avail within their applications which includes a JavaScript client library for web & HTML5 applications.

While keeping data usage to a minimum, Pusher uses Websockets which makes it much easier to add bidirectional communication to the applications.

Harness your application’s real-time potential with Pusher

  • In-app notifications

Now send notifications to all your customers or some selected ones by using Pusher to send data from your server. The users can even choose to turn notifications off. You can send the notifications to your users even if they are on your website or mobile application.

  • Chat

Create instant chat in between your users so they can see who is online and offline. You can also choose to control user’s security using Pusher’s authentication mechanism. With this one to one or group chat can easily be created.

  • Activity feeds

Pusher makes it much simpler to show to your users your latest content or any activity feed. Users can now remain up to date and view the content which you update in real-time.

  • Real-time visualization

With Pusher to power real-time data visualizations, make sure that your graphs are displaying latest statistics. Send the data to all your users through server-side libraries while the client-side libraries provide easy to execute code to update the visualizations in real-time with the latest data.

Other core features of Pusher

  • Presence channels

Get the notification when a user joins and leaves the channel. This helps with maintaining the list as to who are active.

  • Client events

Send data to your users without a need to go through the server first.

  • WebSocket fallback

Compatibility with Pusher is no issue. Pusher uses WebSockets whenever possible. However, falls back to HTTP streaming or polling seamlessly.

  • Private channels

Authorize the users on your server before they are subscribed, keeping your data only for those that you allow.

  • Public channels

Easily manage the events which your users see by subscribing different users to different channels. Categorize your data into different channels.  

Why WebReinvent as Pusher rest API integration company?

WebReinvent Technologies has experienced real time developers who are well-acquainted with Pusher API integration into web & mobile applications to give your business a new boost. WebReinvent is proficient with building scalable chat server which relies on WebSocket Protocol with using technologies like, MongoDB & Amazon cloud. No matter how complex your requirements are, WebReinvent’s experts will provide you with the best Pusher API integration services.

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