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Stripe – An easy way to accept payments and create subscriptions in your eCommerce website.

Stripe – a payment gateway which enables businesses and private individuals to accept payments over the internet in the easiest of fashions.
With inculcating enhanced security measures, Stripe has become one of the most sought after payment gateways in the world.

Through Stripe, online merchants & retailers can accept payments via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Bitcoin etc. directly on their online stores.

How is Stripe different from other payment gateways in the market?

Payment does come up as the final step in completing an online order. While other payment gateways take the customers to another webpage to complete the process, Stripe operates in the background; enabling online stores to customize the overall shopping experience for customers.

Key features of Stripe as payment gateway

Great time-saver for returning customers

Stripe supports reusability of cards. Whenever a customer makes payment using Stripe, it sets up the customer in Stripe. If the customer creates another order, they can check-out using the same card.

No merchant account setup needed

Effortlessly set yourself up with Stripe with its automatic aggregated merchant account. It is so versatile that you can start accepting credit card payments within ten minutes.

Direct payments to your bank account

Stripe automatically transfers your online payment to your business bank account. You can also change the transfer schedule settings & control which transfers get sent to your bank account.

Better security

Stripe leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making their payments secure. It uses HTTPS and HSTS for a secure connection, encrypts the sensitive data and PGP keys to encrypt your communication with Stripe.

Enhanced customer experience

When other payment gateways take you to a separate page while checkout, Stripe operates in the background. This provides the online stores a chance to customize their customer’s shopping experience to their advantage.

Why go with WebReinvent as the Stripe payment integration company?

We’ve worked with startups & enterprise-level businesses. We understand what you are trying to achieve and work with the product mindset.

With our in-depth knowledge of how Stripe works and how we can integrate this superlative collaboration to your business model, our Stripe API integration experts can help flourish your business better than ever before.

We, at WebReinvent, are experts in integrating Stripe with below-mentioned platforms

  • Stripe Payment Gateway Integration in Custom based PHP
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Integration in WordPress
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Integration/Plugin in Magento
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Integration in Joomla
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Integration in Drupal

Avail the power of Stripe in your website.

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