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These are basically versions of several Google products which can be customized independently. These apps are generally used for business and personal purposes as well. It includes both of free and paid apps which are easily installable and configurable like Gmail, calendar, drive, slides and lots more. It really takes you several steps ahead.

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more about Google Apps

Google Apps creating opportunities

We are in internet era, where a lot of devices are connected with internet to make connectivity among people. It manages all your accounts for mailbox, important documents and drives, schedules and many others.

The most important thing is that it makes you connected and all of your tasks well managed within few clicks and tabs. So easy but most efficient.

how we do it

We configure Google apps for your account and provide all the technical support for these as well. It is to be noted that Google apps account is completely different from Google account. It is something which is hosted on Google and running on your device. We configure the default structure of these apps so that it can be best suited.

Google app Engine software development kit (SDK) is used for creating and deploying applications to the Google app engine platform. Our services include development of tools and applications in google apps integration services.

Our team of experts provide complete setup and configuration of our tailor-made google apps. We provide easy, efficient and useful business applications and cloud apps.

why Choose Us?

Be it for business or for personal purposes, we have google app solutions for your every need.

  • Fully Organized

  • Docs Embedded

  • Everything Licensed

  • Fully Tested

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our promise

To comfort you with the app services from the King’s league, i.e, google!

easy-browsing SECURED GROUPS

All the settings are done to optionally apply in groups.

easy-browsing NO BOUNCE

There will not be any bounce of messages.

easy-browsing PASSWORD POLICY

We follow a proper password policy for everything.

easy-browsing SYNCHRONIZED

We always try to synchronize most of the things.


Irrespective of the efforts, we are highly affordable.

easy-browsing EASY SHARING

Setup will be made for shared accounts if requested.

easy-browsing ADMIN CONTROL

We will provide you all the admin credentials of your apps.

easy-browsing FREE SUPPORT

we provide 1 month free post delivery support after final approval of project

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