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GPS Real Time

An efficient GPS application must be capable of performing all the diverse functions that are going to assist in easy and smooth navigation. There are a plethora of features we can provide in our iOS based GPS applications. Some of them are:-

  • Quick and Intelligent routing and rerouting
  • 2D/3D Maps
  • Offline Navigation
  • Multi-Language Voice Command
  • Weather related information
  • Day/Night modes and Themes
  • Graphical representation of Data and Live Data
  • Live speed & location broadcasting

Finance and Banking

The world of online banking has grown to be very interesting and is continuously expanding. People now prefer shopping online. Our banking apps will have the following features so as to handle the financial data securely for a safe and smooth shopping experience:-

  • Bill Payments
  • Digital Wallet
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Real time transaction updates
  • Fund Transfer
  • Timely Notifications
  • Personalise Account details
  • Search and Filter Transactions


We will create the perfect entertainment application to help you enrapture your audience. These are some of the numerous features that we will include in an application to turn the smartphone into an entertainment hub:-

  • Live and on-demand streaming
  • Location based searching
  • Watch videos and share with friends
  • Video, audio and image based interaction
  • Live FM integration
  • Automatic Intelligence Integration
  • Music and Podcast applications
  • Mobile Ticketing

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Push Notifications

    We know the importance of Instant Alerts in order to keep the user engrossed in the App. Push Notifications provide the possibility to instantly connect the users with important messages, from new private messages from your network to an extremely important last minute project report. Our push messages are segmented and crafted keeping every minute detail in mind so as to ensure that the user experience is drastically enhanced.


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